This is True.


Kirsten Trued

Kirsten grew up on the prairies of Canada and life always involved some kind of movement, but gym class was never a favorite! She did everything to avoid it (including an excuse note from her dad). It wasn't until grad school in Norway and the eventual move to NYC, that Kirsten found a passion in moving, sweating and building strength on a daily basis. A complete turn around from school gym class, she now looks forward to her next sweat session and seeing the strength in her students build with each new week. Kirsten has taught yoga and teacher trainings in New York and internationally for the past 10 years. Being a late bloomer herself, she firmly believes that it is never too late to try something new and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga: E-500 RYT
Personal Training: NASM - CPT
Pilates: PMA - CPT