Weekly Classes

Classes @ PRIMARY

Wed – 12:00-12:45 Mat Pilates

Fri – 12:00-12:45 Myofascial Release

Yoga @ OM Factory

Thurs – 1:00-2:00p Vinyasa Foundations


Fitness @ Uplift Studios

Mon – 12:30-1:15p Sculpt

Wed – 4:30-5:15p Sculpt

Wed – 5:30-6:15p Sculpt

Wed – 6:30-7:25p Strength X

Sun – 9:30-10:15a Strength

Sun – 10:30-11:15a Strength X


Pilates @ Kinespirit

Book sessions on Tuesdays from 12-4 and Fridays from 2-5.


I offer Privates sessions in therapeutics as well as Yoga Tune Up®. Please email me (kirsten_trued@hotmail.com) to book a session.